Fresh food nurtures both body and soul. And when we infuse a meal with the vibrancy of fresh ingredients, we go beyond mere sustenance, turning it into an exceptional experience. These memorable meals are cherished and passed on throughout generations, intertwining cherished family traditions, nurturing holistic well-being habits, and fostering mindfulness about their origins. Discover the legacy of exceptional meals through the compelling stories of our key personalities.

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

Restaurateur, Happy Concept Group

Happy embodies her family's deep connection and love for food. With a natural flair for bringing joy to any gathering and creating exceptional meals, she brings her own twists to her family's legacy at Barrio Fiesta.

Discover Happy's rich heritage and fresh approach to dining.

Bianca Elizalde

Bianca Elizalde

Wellness Advocate, The Wholesome Table

Bianca is a prominent wellness advocate but her journey was not as easy as it might seem. Driven by a strong commitment for a better lifestyle and supported by extensive research, she realized the profound impact of food on our bodies.

Find inspiration in Bianca’s transformative wellness journey.

Cherrie Atilano

Cherrie Atilano

Agriculturist, United Nations Ambassador for Food Security and Nutrition

Cherrie's upbringing in sugarcane farms gave her firsthand insight into the challenges faced by farmers. As the UN Ambassador for Food Security and Nutrition, she made it her mission to shed light on food’s source and journey through sustainable agribusiness.

See Cherrie’s unwavering commitment to promote sustainability.

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Preserving and celebrating food across generations

Every meal is a testament to superior preservation of food and the celebration of flavors. Discover how Sub-Zero and Wolf keep your culinary creations fresh and flavorful, ensuring that exceptional traditions are passed down through generations.

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Uphold the legacy of good food

Continue the tradition of creating and savoring exceptional meals with Sub-Zero and Wolf. Contact us to discover how our premium appliances can transform your kitchen, enriching your cooking experiences today and for generations to come.

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